Commercial Inspection

Keep Your Building Up to Date

Keep Your Building Up to Date


It's important that everything in your building is up to code. When you need to make sure of that, rely on 345 Built Inspections for commercial inspection services in Supply, NC and surrounding areas. You can get inspections once a year to stay on top of property maintenance. This way, you can make sure your tenants live in the best space possible. Start arranging your commercial building inspection today.

Trust us to check out your commercial building

From the roof to the foundation, we'll inspect every inch of the property. For commercial building inspections, we'll make sure that the space is ready to be lived in. Count on us to make sure:

Whether you're buying, selling, renting, or leasing a commercial space, getting the building checked out by a qualified property inspector before finalizing the agreement can help you determine if there are any major problems with it. Without the experienced eye and knowledgeable opinion of an authorized property inspector like 345 Built Inspections, many critical problems could easily be overlooked.

The commercial building inspector will check over the property to look for signs of damage or potential problems. Here's what you can expect them to examine during the inspection.

The structure and grounds.
Your inspector will look at the exterior of the building, including its surfaces, exterior equipment, and the surrounding grounds (such as exterior stairs, handrails, and paved areas) in order to evaluate their condition and compliance with rules, codes, and regulations.

Interior walls and insulation.
The walls will be looked over for cracks, mold (by request), water damage, and other problems.

Windows and doors.
Windows will also be examined for cracks and damage, and they will ensure that the building entries are accessible to emergency personnel.

Electrical and mechanical.
Any lights and security systems (inside or outside) are assessed to ensure that they're in good working order. The inspector will examine all electrical switches, outlets, circuit breakers, and ground fault interrupters.

The inspector will check for leaks, will make sure that there is appropriate water pressure, and will check that the plumbing fixtures are working adequately.

Fire protection.
The fire protection systems will be checked out to ensure that they are functioning correctly, including fire alarms, sprinklers, and any other safety equipment.

The roof.
The building inspector will check out the roof to make sure that there are no potential or existing problems.

HVAC equipment.
The building's HVAC system will be examined to make sure the ductwork and vents have been properly cleaned, that the thermostats are functioning correctly, and that the air filters have been changed when they were supposed to be.

When a home buyer has their home checked out by a property inspector, they have peace of mind knowing that there aren't going to be any expensive surprises down the road. This is the exact same when it comes to commercial properties. By getting a thorough examination of the space and grounds, commercial buyers or sellers can put their minds at ease.